Njanjma Country is world-famous for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Its rock escarpments and sweeping wetlands, mixed with the highest concentration of rock art, make it an extremely sought-after tourist destination. Njanjma people are proud of this heritage and enjoy sharing it with visitors to our country. However, it must be shared in the right way, whereby visitors understand where they can and cannot go, and how they should interact with country.

To enrich the experience of visitors and protect the heritage of our country and culture, NAC is developing a Visitor Management and Engagement strategy. This will make it easier for tourists to obtain permits to access country, allow rangers to more easily check visitor compliance, promote local visitor engagement options, and give local people greater control over how visitors access and engage with our country.

This Strategy will also offer a host of visitor engagement options, such as environmental and cultural heritage tours, so that visitors can understand its significance to local people and culture.