The Junior Ranger Program is coordinated by the Njanjma Rangers and operates out of the local Gunbalanya School. The program engages students up until grade 9 (approximately 15 years of age) to learn about the importance of looking after the local environment and its connection to local culture.

Youth involved in the JRP make visits to country with Traditional Owners and Rangers to learn about the different parts of their country and culture, and how it should be looked after. This is a critical step for transferring knowledge of country to the next generation of bininj. This type of engaged, hands-on, out-of-classroom learning is critical for the development of these youth, so that they can remain healthy and in touch with their country and culture. Importantly, the JRP also introduces the possibility of working as a ranger after school.

Although the JRP introduces this possibility and has been successful in terms of engaging and educating young people, it provides only basic skills and no ongoing pathway towards Ranger jobs. Therefore, NAC is developing the Njanjma Kunred Academy that seeks to continue the developmental and training pathway that is started through the JRP and connect it with ongoing employment as a ranger, or in an associated business sector.