We don't have a paper calendar (djurra) like Balanda do, to tell us what to do at different times. We just see the signs in the country: Bu man-djedj kanguybun, wanj yiwarlbun kalkberd, karndayh (when we see kapok in flower, it tells we can go hunting for the male or female wallaroo). Lots of things tell you - like speargrass tells you it's time to look for goose eggs. We follow what we see country is telling us, not paper or computers. We live from the land, depend on it, look after it.

What is important to note is that the nature and timing of seasons each year is different and the country tells you this. For Njanjma Rangers, this means that we need to do things differently each year depending on what the country tells us. If you have to think about the different seasons over a year, this is how the Bininj and Balanda calendars relate: